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Editorial Mission

FORTUNE China's editorial mission is to equip the senior managers of Chinese and international enterprises in China with world class management information, to assist their efforts to manage in an ever more competitive and extremely fast-changing environment.

Editorial contents are drawn from the English edition of FORTUNE as well as local content written and edited specially for readers of FORTUNE China.

FORTUNE China's award-winning design team blends global quality with local flavor, resulting in the best looking business magazine in China.

Regular features include management ideas and solutions, profiles of successful management strategies at leading global and Chinese companies, trends in the impact of technology on managing business, IT trends and applications in managing, and coverage of important market trends from a top management perspective.

Contents are published in simplified Chinese characters. Selection and translation of articles is done by a highly qualified team of business editors in Beijing.

Reader preferences and feedback on editorial content are systematically gathered in a variety of ways, including a unique Reader Service Card system which polls readers on every article in every issue of the magazine, as well as regular postal and online surveys.



「集世界500强韬略 铸中国商界精英」

《财富》(中文版)的出版宗旨,是为在中国运营的中外企业的经理人提供世界级的管理信息,帮助他们在竞争日益激烈和迅速变化的环境里管理企业。本刊文章主要选自 FORTUNE,此外还刊载中文版编辑部组织和采写的文章。





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